bianco fg

If you’re aspiring for the very best in a leather football boot, the ALLURE is everything you need and more. Our Bianco boot really has the wow factor and the white k leather looks even better with the contrast against the black sole. The ALLURE boots offer a full kangaroo leather upper which gives the ultimate touch, superb comfort whilst retaining it’s beautiful soft feel. The boot is extremely light which is down to the leather and the Pebax sole which is stitched into the upper. The pebax sole is extremely adaptable in different weather conditions. Other key features to the boot are;

  • Our laces are 100% polyester and and are 4.5mm in width so not only are they aesthetically pleasing but they perform in all conditions.

  • Premium Insoles exclusively designed for ALLURE CALCIO with specific features designed for football. Made of premium quality, breathable EVA, with a great abrasive lining, anti slip latex, as well as carbon active latex that reduces odor and moisture that also provides extra comfort.

And last but not least, the boot is made by hand in Italy by expert craftsmanship where the materials are the very best possible.

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